Polyethylene foam is a closed cell type of foam that offers advantages of being light weight and having good tensile strength. High grade foams like this are used for a variety of reasons in many various industries. The physical properties of Polyethylene make this foam an excellent choice for any shipping container that will have to undergo the stresses of transport. A vacuum formed polyethylene enclosure will keep the content dry and in one piece while having cost savings by using such a low density material.

We also carry the Pregis PolyPlank family of closed cell polyethylene plank foam products to provide customers with a variety of protective solutions designed to meet packing needs across multiple industries and markets. All PolyPlank products are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are available in varying lengths, densities and thicknesses for precise protection of each application need.
Unit of Measure

Polyethylene Foam Features

N/A Anti-Static Chemical Resistant/Inert Cost Savings on Shipping Charges Fire Retardant Good Strength to Weight Ratio Good Thermal Insulation Light Weight Low Density Non-Abrasive Surfaces Recyclable Resistant to Bacteria and Mold Reusable Sustainable Material Water Repellent Wide Working Temperature Range

Common Foam Applications

N/A Buoyancy Aid Endcaps for Electronic Equipment Packaging Heavy, Expensive, Media Equipment Transport Noise Control and Acoustic Barriers Part Separators and Dividers Protective Packaging Returnable Dunnage and Void Fill Shock Absorption and Cushioning Structural Stability for Low Load Areas Thermal Insulation Transportation and Shipping Case Inserts

Markets Served

N/A Aerospace Automotive Consumer Electronics Medical & Biomedical Supply Packaging Military Transport New and Media Broadcasting Perishables and Food Stuff Shipping Recreational Water Sports Equipment Semiconductor Manufacturing Thermal Insulation

PolyPlank® EXT Engineered Foam Plank

  • Produced via an extrusion process which creates a uniform foam (up to 4-inches thick) with excellent dimensional stability.
  • Cushions against repeated impacts and can be engineered with anticipated performance.

PolyPlank® LAM Engineered Foam Plank

  • Extruded in 1/2 inch thicknesses and laminated to create varied total thicknesses.
  • Laminated product provides maximum cushioning, excellent dimensional stability and the added benefit of an economical foam plank.

PolyPlank® Renew Engineered Foam Plank

  • Made with a minimum of 60% and up to 100% recycled pre-consumer content.
  • High impact strength, durable protection of products in storage and transit.
  • Sustainable solution with no extra cost.
  • Low Density and Medium Density

PolyPlank® MDL™ Multi-Density Laminated Foam

  • Patented design combines a thin-gauge, high-density PE top-skin with a high-performance, low-density PE foam base for a uniquely designed custom solution.

PolyPlank® Plus™ Two-Step Protective Plank Foam

  • Made by combining various substrates (foil, bubble, adhesive and cohesive films, paper, nonwovens, scrim, etc.) with thicker, multilayer foam to form a custom foam block.
  • Wide variety of substrates opens doors to innovative applications an

PolyPlank® SFT™ Foam Plank

  • Specially formulated with a fine cell count to provide a "softer" polymer
  • The softer product reduces abrasion to protect "Class A" surfaces.
  • This unique foam die cuts and slices more easily than cross-linked foams and is generally

ProFlex® Extruded PE Profiles

  • Able to conform to nearly any product contour.
  • Chemically inert, clean, closed-cell structure protects and cushions while providing surface protection.
  • Excellent resiliency, flexibility and shape memory.
  • Custom shapes available.

EdgeFoam® Protectors

  • Flexible L- or U-shape channels enable the structure to wrap around corners, edges and asymmetrical shapes with a snug fit.
  • Clean, nonabrasive, chemically inert material protects and cushions while providing surface protection.
  • Hig


N/A Pregis' comprehensive manufacturing waste-reduction strategy combines recycled and post-consumer material, with efficient transportation and logistics. Our conservation programs include internal office paper and supply recycling as well as proactive reductions in energy use.


N/A Pregis protective packaging options provide superb internal cushioning to prevent damage from shock and vibration. Our versatile range of cushioning products also provides protection from unavoidable motion and vibration between the packaging and its contents.

Block and Brace

N/A Pregis blocking and bracing protective packaging options position and restrict products within the interior of a secondary package to prevent them from unwanted movements. We offer customizable solutions that are cost effective and efficient to use.