Perfect for a large array of items ranging from large delicate instrumentation to smaller fragile products such as glassware, flexible foam solutions are an easy way to safely transport your goods. With the various methods of fabrication we have available such as contour cutting, waterjet cutting, and die cutting, we are able to create the perfect foam solution for your needs.
Unit of Measure

Foam Fabrication Processes

N/A Die-Cutting Hot Wire Cutting Molding Routing Water Jet

Custom Flexible Foam Examples

N/A Die Cut Gasket Foam
Routed Foam Case Insert
Saw Cut Delicate Piece Holding Insert

Contoured and Molded Foam Types

N/A Polyethylene Polystyrene Polyurethane Other closed cell foams Other expanded foams

Foam Insert Case Applications

N/A Blow Molded Tool Boxes and Cases
Corrugated Boxes
Delicate Glass Components
High End Computer Hardware and Electronics Transport
Musical Instrument Cases
Shipping Crates
Soft Tote Bags
Wooden Crates

Foam Insert Features

N/A Anti-Static
Available in Large Variety of Colors
Block and brace
High Recycled Content
Prevent shock and vibration
Temperature Insulation
Void fill
Water Repellent