• Padded Mailers

    Pregis' complete line of mailers offers a practical, cost effective, high quality method of guarding products form damage during shipment or transfer. Plus, our mailers use less material than other options, like corrugated cartons. This means increased source reduction and less discarded waste.

  • Hexacomb® Standard Product Offering (SPO)

    Pregis' Hexacomb honeycomb is made form kraft paper (linerboard) and water-based adhesive. It offers excellent strength, superior cushioning and blocking/bracing for a wide range of packaging and transport applications. Available in blocks, runners, panels and edge/corner protectors, Hexacomb fulfills a variety of dunnage, interior packaging/void-fill, pallets and structural requirements.

    • Efficient design, made from 100% recyclable, renewable, reusable kraft linerboard and water-based adhesives.
    • Made with up to 20% recycled paper content.
    • Unique hexagonal cells are engineered for maximum structural strength and cushioning properties. Capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs.
    • Lightweight to save on shipping costs and for easy handling.
    • Safe, clean and ergonomic with no nails or splinters.
    • Versatile applications.

  • Astro-Cell® Air Cushioning

    Pregis offers a full line of strong, flexible and lightweight air cushioning products to meet all your protective packaging needs.
    Our Astro-Bubbie Green and Astro-Bubble Renew lines provide cost-effective protection while minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • Astro Foam Polyethylene Sheet Foam

    Pregis' line of sheet foam provides superior cushioning and surface protection during storage and transport. Our variety of options and thicknesses ensure the proper solution for wrapping products and optimally protecting them from damage.

  • AirSpeed ChamberPak™ Cutom Cellular Cushioning System

    Pregis offers a full range of inflatable packaging systems designed to turn flat, easy-to-store, high performance film into lightweight, non- abrasive packaging applications. From void-fill to cushioning to containment, products of all shapes and sizes receive optimal protection from shock and vibration during transit.