Large variety of stock sizes available. Large hard corrugated packing boxes or custom sizes available upon request. Boxes can outfitted with foam inserts and padding or cardboard partitions and grids to accommodate a number of different product types. We specialize in small runs with quick setup and quick turnaround times.

Durable Corrugated Shipping Cartons:
  • Absorbs heavy shocks and jolts.
  • Handsome brown finish for a good appearance.
Foam Lined Mailers:
  • Perfect for shipping electronic circuit boards and other fragile items.
  • Saves on labor - form is pre-glued to top to form perfect match when assembled.
  • Saves on storage space - ships flat.
  • Gives great protection - convoluted foam cushions while gripping firmly - no shifting.
  • Saves time - no tape or staples needed for assembly.
  • Made from durable 200 lb. test "B" flute corrugated, Oyster White on side.
Folding Boxes:
  • Multicolor printing and coating capabilities.
  • In-house development of carton designs and prototypes.
  • Custom die cut shapes.
  • Various grades and thicknesses available.
Unit of Measure

Corrugated Box Types Available

N/A Foam Lined Mailers
Folding Boxes and Cartons
Laminated Corrugated Boxes
Product Display Boxes
Retail Packaging Boxes
Rigid/Setup Boxes
Single-Wall Corrugated Boxes
Double-Wall Corrugated Boxes
Triple-Wall Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard Carton Customization Options

N/A Cardboard Grid Setup
Contoured Foam Inserts
Corrugated partitions
Custom Die Cutting
Custom printed logos and colors

Corrugated Material Features

N/A Blocking and Bracing from Unwanted Movement Prevent Damage from Shock and Vibration Protective Encapsulation and Cushion Sustainable Recycled Materials

Ideal Products for Folding Boxes and Cartons

N/A Cosmetics Hygiene Products Pastries, donuts, and baked goods Printed brochure and flyers Retail Products