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Engineered Polyethylene Foams

Polyethylene foam is a closed cell type of foam that offers advantages of being light weight and having good tensile strength. High grade foams like this are used for a variety of reasons in many various industries. The physical properties of Polyethylene make this foam an excellent choice for any shipping container that will have to undergo the stresses of transport. A vacuum formed polyethylene enclosure will keep the content dry and in one piece while having cost savings by using such a low density material.

We also carry the Pregis PolyPlank family of closed cell polyethylene plank foam products to provide customers with a variety of protective solutions designed to meet packing needs across multiple industries and markets. All PolyPlank products are manufactured to high-quality specifications and are available in varying lengths, densities and thicknesses for precise protection of each application need.

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Polyethylene Foam Features

Chemical Resistant/Inert

Cost Savings on Shipping Charges

Fire Retardant

Good Strength to Weight Ratio

Good Thermal Insulation

Light Weight

Low Density

Non-Abrasive Surfaces


Resistant to Bacteria and Mold


Sustainable Material

Water Repellent

Wide Working Temperature Range

Common Foam Applications

Buoyancy Aid
Endcaps for Electronic Equipment Packaging

Heavy, Expensive, Media Equipment Transport

Noise Control and Acoustic Barriers

Part Separators and Dividers

Protective Packaging

Returnable Dunnage and Void Fill

Shock Absorption and Cushioning

Structural Stability for Low Load Areas

Thermal Insulation

Transportation and Shipping Case Inserts

Markets Served


Consumer Electronics

Medical & Biomedical Supply Packaging

Military Transport

New and Media Broadcasting

Perishables and Food Stuff Shipping

Recreational Water Sports Equipment

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Thermal Insulation

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