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Corrugated Void Fill and Dunnage

HEX 300™ and HEX400™ Triplewall and Plywood Replacement Panels

HEX300™ plywood replacement and HEX400™ triplewall replacement panels are available in the same standard dimensions as plywood and triplewall at a fraction of the weight. Hexacomb® panels ideal for operations including dunnage inside trucks, ships and railcars; crating and box shipping; custom cut bracing and load separation; riser strips and protective framing around glass.

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Corrugated Dunnage Applications

  • Void fill inside trucks, ships and railcars
  • Crating and box shipping
  • Custom cut bracing and load separation
  • Riser strips and protective framing around glass

Corrugated Void Fill Benefits

  • Recyclable - 100% paper
  • Lightweight - saves on shipping costs
  • Safe - easy to handle compared to wood, no nails or splinters or strain
  • Economical compared to plywood and triplewall
  • Lightweight to reduce shipping



Pregis' comprehensive manufacturing waste-reduction strategy combines recycled and post-consumer material, with efficient transportation and logistics. Our conservation programs include internal office paper and supply recycling as well as proactive reductions in energy use.


Pregis protective packaging options provide superb internal cushioning to prevent damage from shock and vibration. Our versatile range of cushioning products also provides protection from unavoidable motion and vibration between the packaging and its contents.

Block and Brace

Pregis blocking and bracing protective packaging options position and restrict products within the interior of a secondary package to prevent them from unwanted movements. We offer customizable solutions that are cost effective and efficient to use.

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