Pregis' line of sheet foam provides superior cushioning and surface protection during storage and transport. Our variety of options and thicknesses ensure the proper solution for wrapping products and optimally protecting them from damage.
Unit of Measure


Astro-Foam® Polyethylene Sheet Foam

  • Provides high cushioning and compression strength for repeated use.
  • Flexibility and resilience make it easy to use.
  • Sheets can be laminated to a number of substrates to meet specific application needs.
  • Offers high cushionin

Astro-Foam® Renew Polyethylene Sheet Foam

  • Made with at least 15% recycled pre-consumer content
  • High cushioning and compression strength, flexible and resilient.
  • Environmentally sensitive solution at no extra cost.

Astro-Sheeted® and Astro-Sealer® Systems

  • Systems control waste and increase operational efficiency by providing automatic, pre-formed, pre-cut packaging material on demand.

Microfoam® Polypropylene Sheet Foam

  • High coefficient of friction provides unrivaled protection from abrasion for easily scratched finishes.
  • Low density, lightweight properties provide ease of use, reduction in labor and shipping costs compared to heavier foams.
  • Does

Stock Program - Microguard® Polypropylene Sheet Foam

  • Available in 3 stock sizes for just-in-time delivery.
  • No minimums needed.



N/A Pregis' comprehensive manufacturing waste-reduction strategy combines recycled and post-consumer material, with efficient transportation and logistics. Our conservation programs include internal office paper and supply recycling as well as proactive reductions in energy use.


N/A Applications that require support and padding during transit, protective encapsulation and cushion support will be safe in one of the many containment solutions that Pregis has to offer.

Surface Protection

N/A For products with delicate finishes and surfaces that abrade, scratch or mark easily, Pregis offers a wide spectrum of wrapping materials that protect products from surface damage during storage and transport.


N/A Pregis protective packaging options provide superb internal cushioning to prevent damage from shock and vibration. Our versatile range of cushioning products also provides protection from unavoidable motion and vibration between the packaging and its contents

Void Fill

N/A Pregis offers a number of protective solutions designed to produce interior-fill materials for stock packaging components such as boxes. Our AirSpeed® and GeoSpeed™ systems are fast environmentally sensible and easy to use, preventing products from shifting during transport or handling.