• polyethylene-foam

    Polyethylene foam is a type of closed cell foam that is one of the most commonly used foams for products that need a high level of protection in transit. These foams are an excellent choice for the packaging of a wide range of fragile goods due to their vibration dampening, shock absorption, and insulation properties. The high load bearing characteristics of PE foam allow us to reduce your packaging costs by using less material, with the dual benefit of reducing the overall footprint of your package. Saving you money in both the cost of the package and the cost of transportation to its destination. Our recycling processes allow us to recycle the majority of the waste material helping to further our commitment to sustainability.

  • Flexible Foams

    Perfect for a large array of items ranging from large delicate instrumentation to smaller fragile products such as glassware, flexible foam solutions are an easy way to safely transport your goods. With the various methods of fabrication we have available such as contour cutting, waterjet cutting, and die cutting, we are able to create the perfect foam solution for your needs.

  • Thermal Packaging/EPS Foam

    Expanded Polystyrene, or EPS, foams are available for a number of applications from protective end caps for fragile equipment, to thermal insulation for medical perishables and foodstuffs, to architectural structure applications. Expanded polystyrene foam is often the most economical choice, and can be shaped and custom formed to fit boxes, crates, or tote bags, as well as made into the shipping container itself, such as a picnic cooler or a medical transport case. The versatility of EPS foam lends itself to many other applications and is an excellent choice for many projects.

  • Custom Corrugated & Folding Box Solutions

    Large variety of stock sizes available. Large hard corrugated packing boxes or custom sizes available upon request. Boxes can outfitted with foam inserts and padding or cardboard partitions and grids to accommodate a number of different product types. We specialize in small runs with quick setup and quick turnaround times.

    Durable Corrugated Shipping Cartons:

    • Absorbs heavy shocks and jolts.
    • Handsome brown finish for a good appearance.
    Foam Lined Mailers:
    • Perfect for shipping electronic circuit boards and other fragile items.
    • Saves on labor-form is pre-glued to top to form perfect match when assembled.
    • Saves on storage space - ships flat.
    • Gives great protection - convoluted foam cushions while gripping firmly - no shifting.
    • Saves time - no tape or staples

  • Pregis-packaging-products

    We provide our customers with an assortment of high quality protective packaging products developed to fulfill a wide range of product protection needs. Our wide selection allows us to provide the proper protective packaging for any custom application. We offer a variety of different materials, including but not limited to:

    • Containment
    • Surface Protection
    • Cushioning
    • Void Fill
    • Block and Brace

  • pelican-hardigg-injected-molded-cases

    Pelican Products offers a variety of injected molded cases for a large range of applications and industries, such as portable rackmount protection, specialized medical applications, mobile command center solutions, among others. The Pelican-Hardigg brand makes a wide range of Rotomolded cases such as single lid cases, extra large containers, and rack-mount cases for electronics and specialty products.

  • Shipping Containers

    We fabricate a wide variety of shipping container solutions such as wooden crates, ATA cases, Corrugated Boxes, Aluminum Enclosures, as well as custom solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Any of our shipping containers can be outfitted with foam solutions that are designed custom for your specific use case. We can accommodate fragile equipment ranging from medical blood testing equipment to electronic media camera equipment and even military communications devices and ammo boxes.

    Also available are built-to-spec, reusable Work-in-Process transportation containers, commonly referred to as totes. Designed to your specifications and built to last, these closed-loop containers assist with many manufacturing process chains needing interplant transport, while saving on shipping materials and optimizing packaging time.

  • Custom Package Design and Engineering

    We offer top of the line design consultation and prototyping services. Our engineering staff is able to assess the needs of your particular solution from a drawing, sample part, or even just an idea. Although our work is designed in AutoCAD, we can translate any file type sent to us from your existing design software. We will work with you to design a cost-effective solution that will still offer premier protection for your products. Unlike many other fabricators we do not charge any design or prototyping fee so you won’t have any upfront costs until you are ready to place the order.

  • custom-foam-fabrication

    We offer a full range of foam fabrication services, as well as a limited range of other substrates. Foam fabrication services range from custom inserts for shipping cases to small pads and endcaps. Contract packaging services are done per scope, these services include in house gluing, taping, container assembly or any other required hand labor. We also strive to offer the best service in logistics management and are capable of providing next day deliver, just in time delivery, shipping and warehousing in order to help you minimize your inventory and maximize your efficiency.

  • monthlyspecials

    From slightly used to brand new in the box, look here for the best deals on injection molded, roto-molded, blow molded, and ATA style cases. Our specials are of limited quantity and change frequently, so check back often to find what you need for an unbelievable price.