• Packaging-Cushioning

    The Total Package: Flexible - Protective - Custom

    Hexacomb® kraft honeycomb provides product protection from the inside out. Hexacomb® board's environmentally friendly kraft paper construction provides superior cushioning and protection.

    Hexacomb® board delivers many of the properties associated with foam, but in a more environmentally acceptable manner. And with its adaptability and our custom-design process, we can make Hexacomb® material the key component in protecting almost any delicate or breakable product.

  • Customizable Office Furniture Packaging

    • Unique combination of Hexacomb, corrugated and stretch film creates a customized shipping environment
    • Clear-view™ package aspect reduces mishandling
    • Reduces space needed to inventory packaging materials
    • Easily customized to fit your product needs
    • Holds bulky products in place without wood
    • Products can be shipped fully assembled

  • Corrugated Void Fill and Dunnage

    HEX 300™ and HEX400™ Triplewall and Plywood Replacement Panels

    HEX300™ plywood replacement and HEX400™ triplewall replacement panels are available in the same standard dimensions as plywood and triplewall at a fraction of the weight. Hexacomb® panels ideal for operations including dunnage inside trucks, ships and railcars; crating and box shipping; custom cut bracing and load separation; riser strips and protective framing around glass.

  • Paper Mill and Forestry Product Transport

    Hexacomb® Transport System

    The combination of Hexacomb® Roll Buffer Pads and Void Filler Panels creates a system that holds rolls tight and absorbs shock to protect rolls from impact damage. This system has been proven effective by the Association of American Railroads (A.A.R.) for over 15 years.

  • Corrugated Honeycomb Shipping Pallets

    A lightweight alternative to wood and plastic, Hexacomb® honeycomb pallets are easy to handle and will not splinter, Two-way or four-way entry allows easy forklift access. The honeycomb core creates a strong, lightweight foundation. Its vertical cell orientation allows the deck to handle heavy loads with no loss of strength.

    • Capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs
    • Lightweight - saves on shipping costs
    • Custom designed
    • Safe - easy to handle compared to wood, no nails or splinters or strain
    • Recyclable - 100% paper eliminates cost of pallet exchange
    • Eliminates import restrictions on wood