Hexacomb® Transport System

The combination of Hexacomb® Roll Buffer Pads and Void Filler Panels creates a system that holds rolls tight and absorbs shock to protect rolls from impact damage. This system has been proven effective by the Association of American Railroads (A.A.R.) for over 15 years.
Unit of Measure


Roll Buffer Pad

  • Ideal for jumbo rolls - 95 to 134 inches in length.
  • WelI-suited for heavy rolls (in excess of 8,000 pounds) which cannot be shipped vertically due lo trailer floor weight and height limitations.
  • Saddle-shaped cradles cushion and protect eliminating roll "flat spots".
  • Each cradle can be used for multiple trips if returned and stored properly.
  • Cradles can be custom designed for your specific performance requirements.

Hexacomb® Void Fill Panels

N/A When center voids in a rail car are larger than 12", the A.A.R. requires that Void Filler Panels be used such as Hexacomb® 3" thick panels.
  • Smooth surface protects the air bag from puncture and the roll from scratching.
  • Hexacomb® spacers replace wood and create a barrier between paper and trailer/railcar walls.



N/A Pregis' comprehensive manufacturing waste-reduction strategy combines recycled and post-consumer material, with efficient transportation and logistics. Our conservation programs include internal office paper and supply recycling as well as proactive reductions in energy use.


N/A Pregis protective packaging options provide superb internal cushioning to prevent damage from shock and vibration. Our versatile range of cushioning products also provides protection from unavoidable motion and vibration between the packaging and its contents.

Block and Brace

N/A Pregis blocking and bracing protective packaging options position and restrict products within the interior of a secondary package to prevent them from unwanted movements. We offer customizable solutions that are cost effective and efficient to use.